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The people of Clark Transfer are used to getting the show on the road. Now we are turning our abilities and experience in a new direction… getting the food on the table.

Over the years we have done more of our share of grabbing a bite at truck stops, and often thinking “I could cook a better meal than this.” And then we went on to do it.

We’re very happy that Linda Graff and her team of intrepid owner-operator food mavens have taken the initiative to collect and share the recipes for some of the foods that we like to cook. Some of them can actually be prepared right in the truck. Others have to wait until the rig is parked and a real kitchen is available.  But all of them can make you feel happy that you did it yourself.

Copies of the Clark Family Cookbook, complete with contributed recipes, nutrition and cooking tips, and even cartoons, are available for purchase for the token amount of $5. To get your copy, contact Lynn in the office:

But wait, there’s more. Over then next few months we’ll be putting many of the recipes from the book up here on the website. For now, we’ve got just a few tasty samples, but we’re working on a full, searchable database of recipes in categories such as Appetizers, Soups, Main Courses and, of course, Desserts. So stay tuned.

And… you can even add your own! Recipes submitted through the site will be checked out by Linda and her team, and will appear here for everyone to try. [NOTE: We’ve been attacked by SPAM, and not the tasty kind, so for the time being you will not be able to post new recipes. Sorry.]

So go ahead. Let us, and the rest of the Clark Transfer family, know exactly what’s cooking!  And check back often for more goodies for — and from — the open road.


Clark Family Cookbook