Hamilton load in at ASU Gammage

Live Entertainment is back and as we thought we are seeing more show work as we prepare for a busy fall and winter season. Here are some great shots of the Load in of Hamilton at ASU Gammage.

Passport Renewal- Don’t Wait

Please remember, if your passport is nearing time for renewal, do not wait. Turn around time for new passports and passport renewals will be longer than usual. Click Here for more information

Keeping Drivers Safe on the Road

Movin’Out Feature Article

“Movin’Out” magazine recently featured an article on Clark Transfer by Steve Pollock:

“For 70 years Clark Transfer has been making sure that “the show will go on.” Louis Molitch revolutionized transportation for the entertainment industry in 1949, when he acquired authority to deliver theatrical materials to all 48 states. Prior to 1949 everything was delivered by rail, requiring additional loading and unloading of equipment, and limiting theater-goers to a handful of metropolitan cities, mostly in the northeast. Clark Transfer was the first, and for a while the only, company in the USA to be granted this authority.”

You can read the full article by following this link.